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Nutrition coaching services

Does any of this sound like you?

It feels like you’ve tried every diet on the planet…
But nothing seems to stick. At best, you lose a few pounds but gain everything back— and more.

You feel motivated at first…
But it never lasts. Every time you hit a minor roadblock, you give up on healthy eating entirely. You’re a pro at having major cheat meals after a few days of dieting and then starting over on Mondays.

You can never control yourself around food…
So you end up banning all of your favorite foods from your house. If you happen to come across these foods, you end up bingeing on them and feeling terrible.

You feel like nothing will ever work…
Like you’re the only person on the planet who is doomed to keep on gaining weight no matter what you try. 

You’re ready to try a different approach…
And stop dieting once and for all. You’re ready to turn to a more mindful and intuitive way of eating and stop obsessing over weight-loss at all costs. 


Imagine if you could…

Stop yo-yo dieting forever and finally stick to a healthy way of eating

Eat the foods you love without restricting or bingeing

Trust your body to tell you when to eat and when to stop

View eating as a pleasure amongst others and not something you are obsessed with

Finally feel at peace with food and happy with your body

Let me show you how.


minute consultation



minute consultation


These coaching sessions will vary depending on your wants and needs, but here are some key factors:

  • A no judgment, gentle approach, inclusive of all individuals and body types.
  • An in-depth assessment of your history with food, your relationship with food, your beliefs around food, your current diet, your body image, your lifestyle, your eating patterns, etc.
  • A holistic approach that goes beyond just nutrition and is tailored to each individual’s specific needs.
  • Smart goal setting and accountability if desired.
  • Gentle nutrition tips and resources if they are wanted.
healthy food

For optimal results, it is important for us to talk to each other a few times over the course of several weeks/months. This way, we’ll have the time to address all of your concerns and follow up on your objectives. Often, many issues need to be uncovered and it is difficult to get to the bottom of things in one session. I get the best results with clients I see multiple times over a few months. In order to encourage follow-up sessions, I offer “nutrition consultation packs” of either 3,5, or 8 ONE-HOUR sessions, paid upfront.



Save $25!

Price is $66.7 per session instead of $75



Save $55!

Price is $64 per session instead of $75



Save $100!

Price is $62.5 per session instead of $75

If you’re interested in one of these discount packs, please email me ( before or after booking your appointment so I can adapt the price. 

If you want to embark on a nutrition and healthy eating journey, here are the keys to success:

These are all the things I teach you in my one-on-one online nutrition coaching sessions!