The Food Facts & Freedom E-book

the food facts & freedom e-book

I have written so many articles and filmed a ton of videos to help you with your healthy nutrition journey, but sometimes it may feel a little overwhelming to know where to look. For this reason, I decided to compile all of my nutrition advice in one spot: the Food Facts & Freedom E-book!

This e-book contains mainly the free content from my blog and videos, but it is organized in a way that makes sense and encourages a natural progression. I also have everything divided into sections for easier reference and access.

I started writing this e-book to educate people on the impact nutrition could have on their health, but quickly realized that balanced eating was not the only thing I needed to talk about. I still wanted to show the importance of nourishing our body properly for optimal health.

However, I wanted to insist on how crucial it was to have a healthy relationship with food as well. I didn’t want anyone to get so consumed in healthy eating that they had no room for anything else. I wanted people to know that working on their relationship with food and letting go of diet culture, food guilt, and food restriction was as crucial to their health as eating healthily.

Throughout my articles, my videos, and this book, I constantly strive to find the right balance between teaching about food facts and talking about food freedom. I hope to show you that you don’t need to choose one or the other. My goal is to give you the necessary nutrition information to make your own enlightened choices. It’s up to you to find your own balance.


The book contains over 140 pages of nutrition information, including:


NO. Most of this e-book is information that you can find for free on my channel and blog, but I strongly believe that the way it is written and organized still makes it worth buying! It’s up to you 🙂 !

No. Since it is a digital product, I can’t take if back if you want a refund. Make sure to read through all of the information above to figure out if it’s something you actually want to buy. Once you do, it’s yours forever! Don’t worry though, I think that you will get great value from this e-book.

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